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Ardh Sainik Kissan Kalyan Yojana (AKKY)
A Sustainable Organic Agriculture program

An initiative of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.)
for retired soldiers and for family members of serving soldiers

1. Ardh Sainik Kissan Kalyan Yojana (AKKY):Organic Agriculture program

The Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.), is committed to look after the welfare of Soldiers and their family members to provide the maximum support, through various education and career oriented program since 2015. Now, taken initiative to assist the Government to provide suitable work and additional skills in the area of organic agriculture program designed and proposed by National Horticulture Mission (NHM), Agricultural Ministry, Government of India, through the best available options in the society.

The Employment is a big need and challenge for the country and rehabilitation of retired soldiers is more challenging for the Government as well as for the Society. On the issue and demand is beyond the available policy/resources. 95% of soldiers belong to the villages. Therefore, proposed to implement Ardh Sainik Kissan Kalyan Yojana (AKKY) to support and grow in the area of organic agriculture. This is our small endeavor to facilitate the soldiers farmers to apply advance agriculture practice for their sustainable growth through agriculture under the able guidance of technical expert support. Main aim of the scheme is to offer best price as they deserve most.

India is agricultural based country. 70% population is involved and dependent on agro based income. Lots of advancement has been done in agriculture sector with the efforts of Government Institution, universities and research centers. Production has been increased of all crops with the technical advancement by the efforts of our scientist. Unfortunately all the these development has been limited to the university level and government organization like ICAR and Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Indian farmers are still deprived from most of these facilities.

2. Ardh Sainik Kissan Kalyan Yojana: Concept Terminal Market

Starting or planning a business is always challenges for force personnel due to lack of awareness. Agricultural marketing is the critical link between agricultural production and farm sector revenue percolating to the farmers. Apart from performing transferring agricultural goods to consumers it transmits the price signals in the marketing chain. Terminal market concept is one of the emerging alternative marketing system in India. Terminal Market is a central site, often in a metropolitan area serves as an assembly and trading place for commodities.

3. Various Agricultural based Business opportunities–

1. Bio-fertilizer and seed stock center (Ardh Sainik Seed Center)
2. Mashroom production (Ardh Sainik Mashroom Plant)
3. Establishment of Dairy (Ardh Sainik Dairy)
4. Poultry farm House (Ardh Sainik Poultry Farm)
5. Fishery (Ardh Sainik Fishery Project)
6. Mini Food processing industries (Ardh Sainik - Grocery, rice, atta etc. etc.)

4. Eligibility to join the scheme:

All Soldiers and their family members are eligible to participate in this scheme.

5. AKKY SALIENT FEATUTES – Post harvest management support:

a) Doorstep technical support and guidance.
b) Preparation of documents for getting grant from the Government along with subsidy.
c) Initial Soil Test facility at location and further improvement of soil and regular testing.
d) With low investment and without fatigue a regular business income.
e) Facility and support for use of bio-fertilizers according to the report.
f) Technical support through the year as per seasons of crops.
g) Processing of Organic certification as per Government norms.
h) Will be declared as Training cum production center for that area.
i) Handsome return on purchase of crops at farm level well in time.
j) Insurance cover of all crops by the AKKY.
k) To promote agricultural related business opportunities.
l) Cutting and processing of finished crops.
m) Sustainable program at national level for soldiers.
n) Full training and guidance support.
o) Easy to start and understand.

6. Responsibility/Requirement Green House:

a) Requirement - Minimum 1 acre is required for One Green House and 10 Acre lands in one cluster.
b) Requirement - Water facility of agriculture.
c) Requirement - Electricity facility.
d) An agreement as “Ardh Sainik Kisan Kalyan Yojana” needs to sign before start.
a) Responsibility - Regular irrigation.
b) Responsibility - Supervision of crop on daily basis as per our technical guidelines.
c) Responsibility - Immediate report about insect attach if any and about diseases of crops.
e) Responsibility - Total security of the crop during the crop cycle.

7. Number of Ardh Sainik Green House:

In each Tehsil 25 Green House units will be allowed on first come first take basis.
a) Minimum Land for Green House 4000 Sq Meter. – Ardh Sainik Basic Green House.
b) Maximum Land for Green House 8000 Sq Meter. – Ardh Sainik Regular Green House.

8. Implementation process for opening of Ardh Sainik Green House: 6 steps

Implementation process for the allotment of the interested Farmers will be as under:
1) Online/by post Registration of willing personnel and Selection for allotment.
2) Survey of land/farm for Ardh Sainik Green House for issue of allotment.
3) Signing of agreement and depositing of farmer contribution.
4) Soil testing and report.
5) Eriction of Green House including crop cultivation (60 days)
6) Purchase of finish products at farm level by organization.

9. How to apply/register for allotment of Ardh Sainik Green House:

a) Register at our website www.ArdhSainik.com or apply by post.
b) Attach required documents ID Proof of Ardh Sainik Bal, Residence Proof, Aadhar, PAN Card along with khata khasra number of land.